Well, here it is – Saturday – and it’s a chance to reflect on some of our new changes and adjustments we’ve made at 50offKnives.com.

We’ve made some sweeping changes in Blog Posts, homepage display, product placement, adding affiliate links, and we’re still not done! We are also in the process of writing numerous articles on all things knives and steel – these should appear over the next few weeks on the site.

We hope you’re enjoying the use of our website, and we ask if you want to comment or purchase product and have trouble please let us know through the Contact form at the bottom of our homepage.

Enjoy your time on 50offKnives.com!


Richard is a small business owner, who has a penchant for all things knives. He offers an online cutlery store at his website and in his eBay store. He owns other sites as well, one of which is 50offKnives.com. Enjoying the challenges of running a small business, he is building up new content and offerings on his sites to (eventually) make them contributing authorities.


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