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Tapered Cigar Whittler

The tapered cigar whittler pocket knife is a standard whittler, with a tapering from the large front end to the narrower rear end. The shape takes on the familiar shape of a cigar. The blade configuration is often a large primary spear point blade, with two smaller pen and coping blades on the opposite end.

A whittler pocket knife frame is a three blade pen knife with a large blade on one end, and two small blades at the back, at least that’s the official definition. More…the knife has two springs – the two small blades work on one spring each, while the large blade bears on both springs. This is the original definition of a whittler pocket knife, but this conflicts with the actual usage of the term “whittler” by some knife manufacturers.

There are some who market a pocket knife as a whittler, even though it has the large blade on the same side as one of the smaller blades. Case is one such manufacturer (in the past). So as with many things knives, the reality is that there is no single definition of a whittler.

Typically, a whittler pocket knife can be determined by its placement of one large primary blade (a spear point in the case of the tapered cigar whittler) on the front, while two smaller blades reside on the back end. And, as pointed out, manufacturers may “adjust” this definition at their own discretion. Often times, the head bolster is slightly larger with the primary anchored to it. Then, the handle narrows toward the back end.

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