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A saddlehorn knife also known as a “saddlehorn trapper pocket knife” or “old fashion (traditional) saddlehorn knife” is a two bladed pocket knife. The blade configuration is as follows: the largest blade on the Saddlehorn is the clip blade and directly behind the clip blade is either a wide design spey blade or a skinner blade. Both of the blades are slip-joint non locking blades (the backspring of the knife creates a “snap” that keeps the blade from closing). Their bolsters can be squared or rounded and can be single or double, depending on the exact model.

The term “saddlehorn” comes from the design of the handle – it is shaped like a saddle is viewed from the side. It has a rounded end (opposite the blades), which then “rides” down into a smaller end following a curved path. The knife is very easy to wield in the hand; it is a very pragmatic design.