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Little Jim Bowie Trapper

The little Jim Bowie trapper pocket knife is more a mixture of a Barlow and a trapper, and exemplifies the variance surrounding trapper frames. It is a pocket friendly 2 1/2″ in closed length, and has a large single head bolster, like a Barlow. It then has a clip point primary and spey secondary as blades. It can have slight finger grooves in the handle, as well.

The trapper pocket knife was given its name because of its initial use and user – the animal trapper, who used it while skinning. Additionally, the knife model has been popular with hunters, who use the knife to skin and process animals. The trapper frame features a primary clip point blade, with a secondary spey blade, both mounted at the head bolster. The spey blade is just as important as the utilitarian clip point because it can be used for skinning and processing without having a point that can easily puncture or tear. The handle is typically straight edged or has a slight serpentine curve. The rear end can be slightly larger than the head, as well.

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  • Frost Dark Red Little Jim Bowie Trapper 14-100DRJB

    Frost Dark Red Little Jim Bowie Trapper


    Frost Cutlery Dark Red Jigged Genuine Bone 2 ½” Little Jim Bowie Trapper

    • Krupp 4116 German Stainless Steel Blades
    • Dark Red Genuine Bone Handle
    • Collectible Little Jim Bowie Trapper Frame
    • Brass Pins
    • Brass Liners
    • Thumbnail Pull
    • Nickel Silver Bolster
    • Clip Point & Spey Blades
    • Closed Length: 2 ½”
    • Very Pocket-Friendly!