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The toothpick or “Texas toothpick” pocket knife is produced as a single or double blade frame (or more for collectors). Collectors may also refer to the knife style as a “switch” or “tickler”. The master blade on a toothpick pocket knife will be a modified long clip point blade, while the secondary blade is often a pen or fishing blade. The handle has an arced shape, sloping to a point on the back-end. The knife is typically very thin (in proportion to its size). W.R. Case & Sons Company began manufacturing the style before 1940. Older models may have less of an upward arc to the frame.

There are stories that the toothpick pocket knife is rumored to be the first switch knife model. Years ago, owners of the knife would set a matchstick between the spring and blade to cause the blade tip to extend. The addition of the toothpick would permit the user to hook the tip of the blade on a pant leg seam or pocket, which allowed them to open the knife quickly with just one hand.

The modern toothpick comes in many sizes, from the very larger-than-life size to the mini size. Commonly, a little Texas toothpick is around 3″ closed in length, while there is a larger size that is often 3 1/2″ closed in length.