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Cutting Horse (Sowbelly)

The lil’ cuttin’ horse is akin to the sowbelly stockman and is even referred to often times as a cutting horse sowbelly stockman. It typically comes in a larger size than a sowbelly stockman. It usually has 3 blades: a clip, a sheep’s foot, and a spey blade. The sowbelly part of the name comes from the subtle S-shaped profile of the pocket knife, giving it the look of a pig belly’s underside (more pronounced than in the premium stockman or serpentine stockman). Traditionally, the cutting horse tends to be a hefty and solid sampling of a stockman.

All of the stockman patterns point back to the cowboy of the early west as to their origins. The name comes from the types who carried it: the cattleman or stockman. The spey blade had a particular usefulness for cattle (true to its namesake)…let’s just say it had to do with the males of the species.

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  • Whitetail Cutlery Rocky Mountain Stag Genuine Bone Cuttin Horse WT-283RMS

    Whitetail Cutlery Rocky Mountain Stag Cuttin Horse


    Whitetail Cutlery Rocky Mountain Stag Genuine Bone 3 ¾” Little Cuttin’ Horse (Sowbelly Stockman)

    • Polished Krupp 4116 German Stainless Steel Blades
    • Clip Point, Sheepsfoot, & Spey Blades
    • Closed Length: 3 ¾”
    • Nickel Silver Bolsters
    • Very Traditional Little Cuttin Horse Frame
    • Wonderful Rocky Mountain Stag Handle (Genuine Bone)!
    • Inlay Whitetail Cutlery Shield