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Stockman Category

The stockman comes in many sizes and form factors. It typically has 3 blades: a clip, a sheep’s foot, and a spey blade. Stockman knives can be middle-sized and jumbo-sized. There are straight handled and sowbelly versions of this knife. It is common for smaller sized knives to have a pen blade in lieu of a spey blade. The prototypical stockman body has a subtle S-shaped profile, which leads to the pattern sometimes being called a serpentine stockman, while there are the more “boxy” and straighter-edged stockman patterns like the wrangler or range rider.

All of the stockman patterns point back to the cowboy of the early west as to their origins. The name comes from the types who carried it: the cattleman or stockman. The spey blade had a particular usefulness for cattle (true to its namesake)…let’s just say it had to do with the males of the species.