Little Hawkbill

The little hawkbill is the smaller, more pocket-friendly version of the hawkbill pocket knife.

The origin of the hawkbill or pruner blade hearkens to a time before there was a cutlery industry. The design began as a harvesting hook for grapes and other produce and a net/rope cutter. A larger size was built for pruning fruit trees. For Linoleum and carpet, this blade was the original blade of choice to cut easily. And as electricians found, it served as a great wire stripper and cutter.

The reasons for this blade’s great utility is in the design of the blade, allowing for easier cutting when drawing backwards. The hawkbill pocket knife typically features the prominent long curved hawk bill shaped blade, even in the smaller little hawkbill. Sometimes it comes with a thumb-hole open, instead of a thumbnail pull, again for easier use while working.

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  • Frost Cutlery Dark Blue Jigged Genuine Bone Little Hawkbill Linerlock 14-478DBLJ

    Frost Cutlery Dark Blue Little Hawkbill


    Frost Cutlery Dark Blue Jigged Genuine Bone 2 ⅞” Little Hawkbill Linerlock

    • Krupp 4116 German Stainless Steel Blade
    • Brass Linerlock
    • Nickel Silver Bolsters
    • Hawkbill Down-Sweep Blade
    • Closed Length: 2 ⅞”
    • Very Usable & Highly Collectible Frame
    • Frost Cutlery Inlay Shield
    • Great Dark Blue Bone Handle!
    • Thumb Pull
  • Frost Cutlery Purple Smooth Genuine Bone Little Hawkbill 14-478PSB

    Frost Purple Little Hawkbill


    Frost Cutlery Purple Smooth Genuine Bone 3″ Little Hawkbill Linerlock with Thumb Hole Opening

    • High Quality Stainless Steel Blade
    • Linerlock
    • Brass Pins
    • Brass Liners
    • Nickel Silver Bolsters
    • Closed Length: 3″
    • Thumb Hole Opening
    • Gorgeous Purple Genuine Bone Handle
    • Very Unique Curved Hawkbill Down-Sweep Blade