Baby Doctor's Knife

The baby doctor’s knife is a smaller version of the very historic Doctor’s knife. It is typically 2 1/2″ closed in length, and it comes with a pen blade as its secondary usually. It is a pocket knife frame-set that comes with a rich history and is a very collectible pocket knife, especially the “baby doc”.

The specialized Doctor’s knife or Physician’s knife was initially intended for the 1800’s era traveling doctor as the pocket knife of choice. This pocket knife features a primary long spear point blade that was able to reach inside medicine bottles in order to stir solutions, break-up chalky powders, or cut pills (rumored to even work as an emergency scalpel on occasion). The “flat end” square bolster was also used to crush or grind pills. Other models come with a useful pen blade or a long, dull square-ended spatula blade that could be used as a powder scoop, tongue depressor, pill counter/powder separator, and even wound probe.

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