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The copperhead pocket knife has been around, at minimum, since 1915 when W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. were manufacturing the knife. Distinguished by a protruding pocket-end bolster that is “humped” to protect the owner’s pocket from the sharp corners. This “pocket-friendly” design of one bolster probably began as copper, hence “copper head”. The copperhead knife is sometimes referred to as the “Vietnam knife” or the “Vietnam copperhead”, undoubtedly because it was popular with the military men of that time. It provided a handy knife that would not wear out military clothing that was already dealing with the rigors of jungle warfare.

Copperhead pocket knives sometimes have an indented tang to eliminate that edge, as well. The knife typically comes with a primary clip point blade, and many times a secondary that is a pen blade. However, there are some versions that change the secondary or reduce the pattern to the single primary blade. There is also a model called the “little copperhead” that extends a blade from each bolster.