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Bent Creek Congress

The Bent Creek Congress pocket knife is built following the typical rules for a traditional congress, with one exception. The difference for a bent creek congress is the exaggerated concave back – making the shape appear to follow a creek surface between shores. The knife blades are made up of the congressional standard of dual sheepsfoot, coping, and pen blades. This type of construction is similar to a Lincoln Congress knife.

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  • Rough Ryder Deep Blue to Deep Teal Smooth Genuine Bone Bent Creek Congress RR1950

    Rough Ryder Blue Congress


    Rough Ryder Navy Blue (or Deep Teal) Smooth Genuine Bone 3 ⅝" Bent Creek Congress

    • 440 Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Blades
    • Dual Sheepsfoot, Coping, & Pen Blades
    • Closed Length: 3 ⅝"
    • Fantastic Navy Blue (or Deep Teal) Smooth Handle!
    • Slip Joint
    • Brass Liners
    • Nickel Silver Pins
    • Nickel Silver Crimped Bolsters
    • Nickel Silver Rough Ryder Inlay Shield
    • Very Usable & Collectible Congress Frame
    • Thumbnail Pulls
    • A Beautiful Classic Knife