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The best of the rest! We offer sharpeners, key chain tools, multitools, bottle openers, ice scrapers, storm whistles, sheaths, compasses, flashlights, and more. If its knife-related (or if it’s not), this is where you’ll find it. We strive to offer quality in all of the products we carry, these items are no different.

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  • Insta-Fire All Natural Fire Starter - 3 Pack - Remains Lit In Any Weather Condition - Made In USA INS02

    Insta-Fire Fire Starter


    Insta-Fire All Natural Fire Starter – 3 Pack

    • All Natural Fire Starter
    • 3-Pack: Contains 3 Pouches:
    •   Each Pouch Weighs 1.75 oz
    •   Each Pouch Starts Up To 4 Fires
    •   Each Pouch Burns Up To 10-15 Minutes
    • Made In USA
    • Lights Wet Wood (Use Full Pouch)
    • Burns Up To 1,000 Degrees
    • Non-Toxic: Made From Environment Friendly Materials
    • Non-Toxic: Safe Near Food!
    • Remains Lit In Virtually Any Weather Condition!
    • Sustains Winds Up To 20-30 MPH (Once Lit)
    • Remaining Ashes Are Natural Fertilizer
    • Non-Volatile: No Unexpected Flare-Ups
    • Stir Occasionally For Best Results
    • Carries U.S. Patent
  • UST Sparkie Fire Starter Orange 20-902-0003-001

    UST Sparkie Orange


    UST Sparkie™ Fire Starter Orange – Flint-Based & One-Handed Operation

    • Overall Measurements: 3 ⅝” X 1 ⅛”
    • Orange Composition Handle with Rubberized Insert Grips
    • Adverse Weather Resistant
    • Works, Even When Wet!
    • Spark Bar Can Be Rotated For Even Wear
    • One-Handed Use